Out Bolsonaro government

Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the feminist movement in Rio de Janeiro decided against organizing a centralized act on March 8, 2021. Small “feminist brigades” were created to carry out actions throughout the territory, avoiding agglomerations. This poster is part of a series created by artist Lara Lima, from the 8M RJ communication working group. Hundreds of copies were printed and made available at Armazém do Campo, in Lapa, for collection by the feminist brigades. In these materials are the main agenda defended by the movement in 2021. The axis of the 8M RJ was: “Women in defense of life! Against Bolsonaro government, in support of the public health system, vaccine for all and emergency aid now! Water is a right! No to water privatisation”. Later that month, a second version of the posters were created, without the identification of the 8M RJ so that they could be spread across the country. This is the version we make available for download.


Lara Lima


March de 2021

Data de luta

8 March – International Women's Day


Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


democracy, rights




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