“Caution” sign

Attention signs are spread around the city indicating work on the road. As much as women have been integrated into the workforce in the past century, these signs always indicate the presence of “Men at work”. This plaque by the artist and activist Lara Lima seeks to reflect on the invisibility of female bodies and the various violence resulting from gender inequality, including in the art world. In the collections of museums, large collections and representations of art galleries, women artists are in the minority. This is also why a large part of the female artists work in other fields to finance their lives and productions, making double or triple journeys. The “Caution” sign is an attempt to draw attention to all invisible work and was created during the research for the Ingajá exhibition, at the Ingá Museum, in Niterói, in 2019. For the show, several replicas of this plaque were produced and, as they are moved to different environments, they serve as a device for the invention of spaces for production and creation, weaving a network of women artists in search of visibility for their works. The plaques can be purchased with the artist or printed from the file available here.

This content was produced and inserted as a counterpart to Item II of the Aldir Blanc Law, City Hall of Rio de Janeiro / Municipal Secretariat of Culture, Special Secretariat of Culture / Ministry of Tourism and Federal Government.


Lara Lima


October de 2019


Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


inequality, work




Adhesive on PVC board, 38,5 x 60 cm