Zine-feminista (Feminist-zine)

53 itens

The collection “Zine-feminista” was organized by researcher Camila Puni and originally gathers 101 zines produced mainly in the South and Southeast of Brazil and self-published between 2015 and 2019, a period of intense socio-political movements and collective mourning. Part of this collection was selected to compose the Compa collection. Here you can access:

Lesbian, black, bisexuals, hairy dyke, trans-lesbian, polyamorous, fat terrorist and witches voices; texts on typewriters, handwriting and ink; visual experiments with digital and hand-made collages; cartoons, astral charts, vegan recipes; outbursts, purges of urban violence, daily homophobias and violence in libertarian spaces; wisdom of healing and affection.

Digitizing the zines of the zine-feminist collection is an effort to preserve and keep alive the culture of queer-feminist zines in Brazil, making them accessible to research, teaching, collectives, zine lovers and anyone who is interested in punk, design, collages or self-publishing. Each zine here is a node connecting the zine-feminist friendship network.