Compa – Women’s Archive is a project by Despina, an organization committed to develop platforms for research, production and exchange platforms in the fields of art and cultural activism located in Rio de Janeiro.

In activity since January 2013, it carries out several programs and events, including an artistic residency program and a dynamic agenda of exhibitions, workshops, courses, talks and film screenings. Since 2020, Despina is also responsible for the conception and management of Compa.

The projects developed by Despina are based around the following proposals:

  • support and strengthen connections between art and activism
  • create a dynamic and supportive environment for the development and exhibition of contemporary art, instigating critical thinking
  • facilitate experimentation and innovation in contemporary artistic practices, stimulating dialogue between artists and across cultures
  • expand access to culture, fostering the participation and visibility of historically marginalized agents
  • contribute to the urban and cultural revitalization of the city.

Compa aligns and dialogues with previous projects by Despina, through which we show our willingness to work with invisibilized narratives and bodies, taking on the challenge of creating and executing plural and transdisciplinary projects in the fields of arts and aesthetic-political activism.

Despina has developed collaborations with several organizations and institutions across the globe, such as Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London, Diagonale, Montreal Arts Council, Fruitmarket Gallery, British Council, Creative Scotland, Prince Claus Fund and Goethe Institut.